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"If you know yourself and know your enemy; in a hundred battles you will never fear the result. If you know neither yourself nor your enemy, you are certain to be in danger in every battle" - Sun Tzu, Art of War 

About Us

CDS Investment Ventures Ltd was established on 27th September 2018 and being incorporated in the Republic of Seychelles as an International Business Company under International Business Companies Act, 2016 (Act 15 of 2016). The main reason for this offshore establishment is to resolve the limitation and expansion on the deliverable of our services in multiple countries mainly in Asia and its surrounding neighbors. Currently we are operating our business in KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia.

Our Vision, Mission & Objective

Our Vision

To be the world most favorable Business and Management Consultant specializing on International Commercial Agency and Purchasing Agent 

Our Mission

To provide highly skilled consultancy services on business and management specifically in negotiation technique on behalf of our principal

Our Objective

The company will seek to provide these services in the most timely manner and with an ongoing comprehensive quality control program to provide 100% customer satisfaction

Discover our Key To Success

In today’s business marketplace, it is essential that a business embraces the tools and systems available to them from a technology standpoint. With ever-increasing technological capabilities and standards, great technology is available at a fraction of the price. Systems has an array of partners and referrals for every element of technology.

Having of time working with entrepreneurs and working with literally hundreds of business owners, we have seen our fair share of unprofessional business acumen. It is understandable that business people live life on their own terms and have a great deal of pride in what they have accomplished. The tricky element is that now the business owner will need to be polished, professional and always have their best foot forward when dealing with real market

A business is continually reassessing their involvement in a business model. As a consultant, it is our responsibility to continually answer that question with new ideas, insightful business strategy and a helping hand when needed. The business is well developed, has a solid management team, is forward-thinking and provides and unending stream of innovative and out of the box ideas.

Everyone loves a discount and a “Friend in the Business”. It is our responsibility to find what needs to our clients have on a regular basis, and then research what resources there are to assist with those needs. This comes by way of strategic partnerships and alliances with outside vendors and companies. These partnerships and alliances are great ways to continually add value to the business and will undoubtedly harbor happy and secure franchisees.

It can sometimes be easy to forget about the other side of the coin. Good business management requires looking at scenarios and situations from all angles and taking those into account when making impact decisions. Good business people are on the phone with their clients and have a relationship with them outside of the legal bindings. Picking up the communications are a great way to manage relationships with.

Our Solutions

Business owners have hired us to provide direction in areas such as Operations Improvement, Strategic Planning, or Process Engineering. We provide our clients with years of expert experience at an economic cost than that of a full-time resource. Our role in implementation is to work with you to build a plan, identify resources and funds that will be required, acquire the resources, implement the plan and enable you to measure the results of the implementation. 


Business Operations Improvement

Business Operations Improvement is the practice of making a company simply run better. As companies go through different stages of growth, business operations become more complex and require the company to change to meet the new requirements. Areas of focus might include:

• Implementing or improving the results of sales and marketing programs
• Improving productivity and increasing output
• Adding staff and contractor positions to meet operational requirements
• Implementing or enhancing financial management 


Digital Transformation

Digital transformation happens when a company integrates digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally improving how the business operates and how it delivers value to its customers.

• Implement solutions aligned with the way your company operates and track performance
• Automate operation, sales and marketing management
• Access custom Executive dashboards to keep your finger on the pulse of your business 


Business Growth Consulting

Successful companies include strategic planning that sets the path for short, mid and long-term measurable goals and a method for tracking progress. Benefits of strategic business growth planning include: 
• Clear direction for all stakeholders
• Allows measurable tracking of progress
• Encourages efficient resource utilization
• Helps identify opportunities to gain strategic advantage
• Increase market share 


New Business Venture/ Business Unit

Starting a successful new business venture or business unit requires planning in order to avoid costly mistakes or miss opportunities.
• Market research
• Business planning
• Market penetration
• Capital campaigns
• Business architecture
• Trade Exhibition
• Business Matchmaker   

How To Recession-Proof Your Business In Uncertain Times


Start a Recession Fund (Slowly But Surely)

Planning for a recession can be tough, especially when you’re not quite sure if, when or how it will happen. Having liquid assets set aside for economic downturns can help recession proof of business. Rather than putting aside large sums of money a few times a year, start slow. Put a set amount of your earnings every week into a dedicated account for potential recessions. We will explore your financial options and see if you can benefit from active or passive options rather than having your money simply sit there. 


Review Your Messaging to Target Profitable Customers

The last thing you want during a recession is unclear messaging that misses the mark and doesn’t resonate with customers. You can recession proof your business by taking the time to beef up you’re marketing and brand with clear and compelling messages. In a strong economy, consumers and businesses alike are more likely to take a leap of faith on non-essential goods/services. During a recession, though, their wallets naturally get a bit tighter. Remember, always prioritize features over benefits 


Double Down on Existing Customers By Improving Service and Adding Value

Marketing and advertising are undoubtedly essential as you take your business to the next level. But if you’re learning how to recession proof your business, be sure to pay attention to existing customers too. Buying a new customer is more expensive than retaining an existing one. While your business grows, gradually take steps to improve the way that you serve them. By going the extra mile, you not only separate yourself from the competition, but also forge a deeper connection by becoming an essential part of your customers’ lives. 


Diversify Your Business With Multiple Revenue Streams

One way that investors safeguard their stock portfolios is by diversifying their hand with various industries. We must apply the same principle to recession proofing your business. Earning income in more than one way will add new revenue streams to your business. It’s difficult to do shortly after starting a business, but as you grow, diversifying revenue should be a priority of adaptability. 


Organize Your Expenses in Order of Necessity

Businesses have countless expenses. In a good economy, these expenses can seem like a small price to pay for a booming business. If you’re learning how to recession proof your business, though, you need a different mentality. There are other ways to market your business during a pandemic that aren’t as expensive as standard tactics. By identifying which expenses are essential, you’re taking important steps to prepare your small business for a recession. 


Find Ways to Stimulate Cash Flow

Business tactics aside, managing cash flow with minimal income can be difficult, but remember, you’re not alone. Additionally, don’t be afraid to explore deferring existing debts and/or payments. Many lenders and banks are offering new options to work with those who need them. Before writing these off as necessary expenses and cutting cash flow, be sure to explore your options. 

Our Team

Zam Sulaiman

International Commercial Adviser

"The challenges a company faces are various: it's nearly impossible to address each with a high level of understanding and expertise. Consulting companies are great partners for helping problem-solve your business questions" Zam Sulaiman

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Syami Samsudin

Vice President
International Negotiator Division

Reff Shah

Vice President
International Trade Division

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