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"To foresee a victory which others can also foresee is no great feat. There is no greatness in winning battles and being proclaimed universally as an expert, for to lift a rabbit's hair requires no great strength; to see the sun and moon is no sign of sharp light; to hear the thunderclap is no sign of sharp hearing"- Sun Tzu, Art of War

The Key Factor 

Developing profitable purchasing strategies, accessing supplier profiles and analyzing offers, preparing and implementing effective negotiation tactics are crucial. To procure goods and services designed to meet the needs while providing the highest possible value are challenging. Let us assists you via... 


We established procurement policies and procedures to ensure your organization operates with integrity and the marketplace.

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Business Solutions

Keeping our client’s operations moving smoothly because we monitor Supply chains and take care of tedious tasks like negotiating contracts with vendors, so our clients can focus on other things.

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  • Monday - Friday 9.30-17.00
  • Saturday 10.30-12.30
  • Sunday 14.30-16.30

Our Philosophy 

Managing a business system requires skillful technique and a great deal of improvise planning. As a Business and Management Consultant, one of our function are negotiating the sale or the purchase of specific kind of products or goods and conclude such transactions on behalf of and in the name of our principal within a specific territory which can be a country or multiple country to justify our commitment as a reputable International Commercial Agency and Purchasing Agent. 

The services we offer you

As an International Commercial Agency we are offering you as follows

identifying manufacturers 

identifying suppliers 

negotiating prices

negotiating the delivery term 

negotiating the payment term

managing procedures

serving as a translator 

monitoring the progress 

Our Tasks



Advise Buyer of styling, marketing, supply and manufacturing aspects of Buyer’s proposed purchase of merchandise to be imported into any country designated by Buyer.



From time to time attend fairs and research the market on behalf of Buyer to call to the attention of Buyer all new and interesting merchandise as it becomes available.



Solicit offers to sell such merchandise to Buyer, procure samples of the merchandise to be delivered in a manner specified by Buyer.



Assist Buyer when its representatives visit the various manufacturers and/or suppliers to negotiate contracts or review production.



Act as translator for Buyer’s representatives at meetings with sellers and at other times and places where such service is necessary.



Translate information furnished by Buyer and transmit such information to manufacturers so that merchandise can be produced in accordance with Buyer’s specifications

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